*Certain sites will require custom pricing depending on each customers unique needs. Contact us regarding what your exact needs are and we will create a custom plan for you.*

Frequently Asked Questions

When is payment due?

Initial fees are dependent upon the plan you select and are due up front. All subscription payments will begin upon completion of the site. An invoice will be emailed to you soon after you sign a purchase contract.

Are there any extra costs that can be accrued during development?

Depending on the plan that you select initially, you may need to upgrade if you decide that you want certain features that are not offered in the original plan.

How can I pay?

We use a third-party payment vendor called stripe. This allows us accept all major forms of online payment. We DO NOT accept cash or checks. When you choose a plan and click the INQUIRE button, a portal will open where you can enter your information. Then, we contact you and put together a purchase contract which will be emailed to you for you to sign and send back digitally. Then we email you and invoice that you can pay online.

What if I have questions about the cost of a specific type of site or addition?

You can simply fill out the contact us form found HERE, email us at, or call us at (717) 873-5460.

What if I want to pay all costs on a yearly basis?

That is fine. When you contact us, simply inform us of your request to pay yearly and we can setup a yearly subscription rather than monthly.