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Website Design

Whether you are a business, church, photographer, landscaper, etc… We can tailor a design specifically for you. Maybe you need a logo or social media strategy? No problem, we offer that as well!

Website Design

With 10+ years of website design experience, we can make this experience completely effortless and hassle free for you.

Branding & Logo

Branding goes far beyond just a simple logo. It is about creating an identity that is memorable and unique.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is a fantastic tool that, when utilized correctly, can increase your online presence dramatically.

Website Development

Many people are searching for a site that is simple, concise and to the point. This can often be achieved by the use of a template that can meet your needs. However, if you want something more specific, we can start from scratch.

Built From Scratch

Very few web developers offer this because customers are often unsure of what they want. By keeping you involved every step of the way, we mitigate the risk that you won’t be satisfied with the final result.

Choose a Premade Template

With templates that fit most customers needs, we can save you money and time by getting your site up and running as quickly as possible.

Maintenance & Updates

Background updates and maintenance are very important to the health of your site and keeps it running efficiently. We offer several plans that keep us involved in your site going forward.



By defining your vision for your website, we can learn exactly what you want and what your goals are.


Whether you choose to build from scratch or use a template, this is where we put in the work.


You review what we have built and describe any changes that need to be made.


This is where we put the finishing touches, upload media, and take your site live.


RamosReflections Photography

Ramos Reflections, an independent photography company decided they wanted to showcase their content on the web. They wanted to have samples of their work, pricing and a way that potential clients could contact them. We delivered in a big way. See for yourself.

The Pentecostals of York Church

Designing church websites is a specialty of ours. Everything from Livestream pages to online giving options, we are fully equipped to provide your church with everything you need to be successful.

“TheOrangeSpace is the most affordable web design service out there and they don’t sacrifice quality either!”

Jim Martin

“Working with TheOrangeSpace has been incredible. They got our site up and running in no time!”

Zachary C. Klinedinst, M.A., PLPC, NCC

“From start to finish, TheOrangeSpace was great to work with. I am thankful I used them rather than design my own website. What a difference!”

Brianna Rainn